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Elected Trustees

The current Trustees, as elected at the AGM in December 2018 are


Trustees Meetings

Quarterly Trustees Meetings

Clause 19.1 of the House Rules mandates that the trustees will meet at least four times during the period from one AGM to the next.

Owners are welcome to submit agenda items to be included for discussion at these meetings. Any owner that wishes to attend a quarterly trustees meeting should inform Bellbuoy of their intention to attend at least 14 days before the date of the meeting. Attending owners will have the opportunity to raise their concerns and partake in any discussion, but will not have a vote on any issue.

Minutes of the Quarterly Trustees Meetings

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Ad-hoc Trustees Meetings

Trustees may from time to time schedule ad-doc meetings for the discussion of issues that should not wait until the next quarterly meeting.

Powers of a Trustee1

In order to maintain the smooth running of the complex, the Trustees may:
  1. appoint agents and employees (e.g. accountants, managing agents, attorneys and gardeners)
  2. allocate specific portfolios to trustees; and
  3. sign cheques on behalf of the body corporate

Duties of the Trustees1

At Claptons we employ Bellbuoy as our Managing Agent and therefore they assist the Trustees with the following:

  1. Keep minutes of all official trustee and general meeting minutes.
  2. Keep books of account and records. Legal period for keeping these records is 6 years from the date of the business they relate to.
  3. Make books of account and records available to any owner who requests such in writing
  4. Insure the building adequately
  5. Determine the monthly levy payable by the owners and advise owners accordingly
  6. Keep a record of Conduct Rules applicable to the body corporate.
  7. Deposit body corporate funds in an account with a registered bank chosen by the trustees.

1. "Demistifying Sectional Title" by Marina Constas and Karen Bleijs (2nd Edition)

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