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Owners are allowed to keep pets on the property provided they adhere to the requirements set out in the Claptons Conduct Rules, the Rules and Regulations of the Marina Martinique Home Owners Association and Municipal Bylaws.

Claptons Beach Conduct Rules Regarding Animals

3. Animals, Reptiles and Birds
3.1 An owner or occupier of a section shall not be permitted to keep any animal, reptile or bird in a section or on the common property, without the written consent of the Trustees.
3.2 When granting such approval, the trustees may perscribe reasonable conditions.
3.3 The Trustees may withdraw such approval in the event of any breach of any condition perscribed in terms of sub-rule (2)
3.4 When granting such approval, the Trustees shall include a condition that animals must be confimed to their section or exclusive use areas. Dogs shall not be allowed in the central common area whether leashed or unleashed.
3.5 Owners of cats who do not control their animals shall be given one written warning and thereafter permission shall be withdrawn and the offending animal must be removed from the complex.
3.6 All dogs to be licensed and all bitches are to be spayed.
3.7 Male cats must be neutered.
3.11 Birds and birdcages shall not be allowed outside a section and shall be kept inside at all times.

MMHOA - Rules Regarding Animals

C. Occupation
H. Dogs are not allowed to roam freely and must be on a leash in the marina boundries. Owners of dogs are responsible for cleaning up after their animals. When not on a leash, dogs must be confined to within the boundries of their properties.

MMHOA Annual permit fees for dogs no longer apply to dogs within Claptons.

Should a home owner, their family, friends, tenants not adhere to the rules, the HOA will revoke the permits, with the subsequent removal of their animals at their expense and cost. Individual owners are responsible for ensuring that no animal or marine life is disturbed.

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