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Patios and Decks
The original small paved areas in front of the sliding door of most units are included in the section and is the property of the owner. Any extension to this requires Exclusive Use of Common Property.

Should an owner wish to extend their patio with either paving or a wooden deck they should submit a written (mail/email/fax) request to the Managing Agents. The Trustees will then investigate and evaluate the request before approval is granted.

Owners should ensure that any lawn areas and other common property affected during construction is restored to its original state and that the common property is left clean and neat.

Maintenance of the paving or deck is the responsibility of the owner.

Exclusive Use of Common Property

Section 16.1 of the House Rules of the Body Corporate of Claptons Beach
Owners shall be responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of all remote controllers, doors, door locks, window encasements, gates, security gates, light fittings, pergolas, patios, awnings, house numbers, post boxes, garden taps, plumbing pressure values, water pipes, sanitation pipes, paving and shall pay all cost of repairs as a result of the ingress of water. Should the owner not maintain the above, the Trustees have the right to carry out the repair for the owner at the owners cost.

Section 16.3 of the House Rules of the Body Corporate of Claptons Beach
Owners are responsible for exclusive area excluding public parking and driveways.

Section 37.1(b) of the Sectional Titles Act
...that the body corporate shall require the owner or owners of a section or sections entitled to the right to the exclusive use of a part of the common property, whether or not such right is registered or conferred by rules made under the Sectional Titles Act, 1971 (Act 66 of 1971), to make such additional contributions to the fund as is estimated necessary to defray the costs of rates and taxes, insurance and maintenance in respect of any such part or parts...

As required by Section 37.1(b) of the Sectional Titles Act, an additional monthly levy will become payable for the Exclusive Use of the Common Property to be paved over. For the 2010-2011 financial year this levy is set at R48 per month.

Paved patios

Paving should be as wide as the front of the unit and extend 2 meters from the front of the section, i.e. 2 meters from the patio that is included in the section. At units that have a straight front wall, this will allow for an extension of 3 meters from the wall. At those units where the bedrooms wall extends further out than the lounge, this will allow for a 2 meter extension from the bedroom wall.

No railings or fencing are allowed around paving.

Pot Plants on Patios
Please note that in order to maintain consistency and aesthetics, the specs for the pot plants are as follows:
1. Pot plants need to be CERAMIC/CONCRETE and LARGE (to get an idea, please have a look at the ones next to Door 30)
2. Pot plants need to be painted the same colour as the units (either the dark portion or the light portion. This is for the owners account. Please obtain paint from Pieter.
3. ALL pots have to have a drip tray below the pots so that the water does not seep through and stain the brickwork. Should the brick work stain due to negligence, maintenance will be for the account of the owner.
4. Limited to 2 pot plants only per unit. This will ensure a clean and neat appearance.
Please remember that although the units are paved, it is exclusive use but it is still common property.
Any pot plants not conforming to spec, will be removed.

Wooden decks


Wooden decks should be as wide as the unit and extend 3 meters from the front of the unit.

Decks should be of a mahogany colour.


Railings should be of a mahogany colour and build to style shown below. Measurements are shown as a guide and may be changed to suit the installation at the individual unit , provided that the overall look and style stays the same.


Deck Maintenance

Suggested Contact: Edkou, Kobus Botha, 082 392 9549

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