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Marina Martinique

Contact details

Marina Martinique Home Owners Association
Telephone: +27 (0)42 292 0200
Facsimile: +27 (0)42 292 0542
Security Gate: +27 (0)42 292 0812

Website: link)

Introduction to the Marina Martinique

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A YouTube introduction to the Marina Martinique by the MMHOA


The canal water in continually replaced by fresh seawater. A large pump is located in the pump house on the pier and the water is fed to a number of inlets located throughout the marina.

A water inlet in the marina

There is a slow current of water flow towards Claptons where the excess water flows back into the ocean through a pipe that exists next to Walskipper.



The Kouga Swim Club(external link) used the marina for open water training as well as regional events.
The annual Marina Mile(external link) is held in December.


Boating is allowed provided that section H of the Marina Rules and Regulations(external link) are complied with.

Marine life

The canals are not stocked, but a number of fish species occur naturally in the marina waters, including some Houndsharks(external link).

A houndshark in the canals. Spotted January 2011


Fishing is allowed provided that the fisherman holds a valid license as required by law and that section G of the Marina Rules and Regulations(external link) is adhered to
1. No fishing from any bridge over the canals.
2. No one shall cause fishing line to be an obstruction in any canal.
3. No one shall leave fishing line in the canal unattended. Unattended lines may be removed by management.
4. No owner, visitor or tenant shall fish from the canal wall unless it is from his own property or the property from which he has obtained the owner’s consent.
5. No feeding ground will be tolerated.
6. No fishing will be allowed from any boat or vessel.
7. Netting of fish is prohibited, whether nets or dragnets.
Cleaning of fish inside the Marina is prohibited.

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