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Claptons Beach GateKeeper


Claptons have a GateKeeper ( link)) cellular module connected to both gates. This can be used to open the gates via a phone call.

Owners can manage their list of authorised phones at Owner Self Service - GateKeeper and registered Rental Agencies can do the same at Rental Registration.

The What, Why and How

What is GateKeeper

GateKeeper is a cellular phone module connected to the gates. The module will act on calls from registered phone numbers according to rules loaded for each registered number.

In order to use your cell phone or home phone to open the gates your number needs to be registered on the GateKeeper system. Owners can register phone numbers online at Owner Self Service - GateKeeper if you are logged in. If you do not have a login username for the website, please complete the Website Account Application and one will be created for you.

Once you have loaded your numbers you can open the gates by placing a call to the numbers as indicated above.

How does it work?

The system makes use of the latest GSM (cell phone) communications technology and it works as follows:
  • When a call is made to the gate (Main gate: 0 960 200 726 0686; Beach gate: 0960 200 726 0889) the system checks the calling number against a register that contains a list of all the numbers that are authorised to open the gate.
  • If the calling number exists on the register, the gate is opened and the call is dropped. There are no charges for the call since the call is dropped. However, you should have airtime available on your phone to be able to make the call. Your cell phone must also be set up to send the caller number, i.e. the number must be displayed on a receiving cell phone when you make a call. To make it even easier, the gate's number can be added as a speed dial to your phone.
  • If the calling number does not exist on the register, the gate will not open and an e-mail is sent to the trustees that an unauthorised call has taken place. This will enable trustees to track continuous unauthorised calls and perhaps act upon possible unauthorised access to Claptons.
  • Limited access can also be granted to Claptons Service Providers. Eg: If a plumber is requested to fix a broken pipe, the plumber can be given access on a specific day and specific time, say next Tuesday between 8am and 10am. If the plumber tries to open the gate with his cell phone at any other time, access will be denied and the trustees will be notified via e-mail of the failed access. The trustees can also monitor if the plumber indeed visited Claptons during the authorised time.

Why use the GateKeeper System?

Security is currently high on the list of priorities to improve Claptons Beach. Unauthorised access through the boundary fence has been addressed by the installation of the electric fence and weak points in the old fence is currently receiving attention. However, unauthorised access through the gates has also been identified as a weak point in Claptons Beach's security.

The downside of the current remote control system

Unfortunatly, Claptons Beach does not have the luxury of a controlled access gate that is guarded by security guards. The current remote control system has certain disadvantages.
  • Only authorised persons should have access to Claptons and therefore only authorised persons should have a remote control. However, remote controls do get lost, mislaid and even get stolen, which increases the risk of unauthorised access to Claptons. It is rather difficult, if not impossible, to keep track of all the remote controls and therefore access to Claptons.
  • One of the solutions is to re-program all remote controls on a regular basis in an attempt to deny access to remote controls that may not be authorised anymore. However, with owners living all over the country (and some even living overseas), as well as the amount of effort involved in re-programming all the remote controls, is not only impractical, but almost impossible.
  • Most tenants require more than one remote control per unit (you may need to go to town, whilst your spouse needs to stay behind to open the gate for a guest, but one kid wants to go fishing and the other wants to go to the beach), in which case four remotes are required, adding to the difficulty in controlling remotes.
  • The logistics in the issuing of remotes: Sufficient stock needs to be kept at Claptons and when a request is made for a remote, it has to be invoiced and somebody must be available from whom it can be collected.
  • Remote control's batteries need to be replaced on a regular basis (they tend to drop you when you least need it).
  • Remote controls need be be carried around all the time and they are not always where you left them the last time.

The advantages of GateKeeper

  • An unlimited number of persons can be given access without any additional cost.
  • Access can be granted or revoked immediately on request.
  • Access can be limited to specific days and/or times, for persons such as service providers, domestic workers, etc.
  • Access granted to short term tenants is automatically terminated on the day of their departure.
  • The gate can be opened from anywhere; there is no need to be at the gate to open the gate (to be used responsibly and with caution).
  • A record of all persons having access is available.
  • All persons accessing Claptons is recorded.
  • Attempted unauthorised access is also recorded.
  • No clumsy remote controls are required.
  • The logistics of issuing of remotes controls and trying to keep track of remote controls are eliminated.
  • No batteries that need replacement.

Claptons GateKeeper Privacy Policy

Claptons respects the privacy of our owners and visitors and will never share or otherwise make public any information stored as a result of use of the GateKeeper system, except where compelled to do so by law.

The following gives an overview of what personal information related to the use of the GateKeeper is stored and how it is used.

What information is stored?

Two sets of information is stored:
  • A register containing each phone number that is allowed access, including the door number and name of the person associated with that phone number.
  • A log of all calls made to the gate (authorized or not) with a date/time stamp.

Who has access to the information?

  • All Claptons Trustees can access the register and the log.
  • The Trustees also monitor the log to monitor the movement of services providers who have been granted limited access to Claptons.

Where is this information stored?

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