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Frequently Asked Questions

About financial matters

Q) Where does all the money go?
A) See the Financials page for details on the budget and expenditure.

Q) What is happening with the painting?
A) See the Maintenance page for a complete description and status update.

Q) How much of my Claptons levies goes to the Marina Martinique and what are they using it for?
A) Effective 1 July 2011 the Marina levies are R438.43 unit per month. See the Marina Martinique section on the Financials page for more information.

About the website

Q) Why is some of the information available to registered users only?
A) Privacy and security issues determine if information will be made public or require one to be logged on.
  • Some information contain personal details of owners (telephone numbers, addresses, financial information, number of properties they own within Claptons etc) that other owners are legally entitled to see, but should be kept private from the general public.
  • Some information (inventory list, site map) may be useful to criminals and should not be pubicly visible.
Owners can apply for an account on the website by completing the Website Account Application form.

About municipal services

Q) Where can I find the Municipal Valuation for my unit?
A) See the Kouga Municipality Website(external link) and download the Valuation Roll 2013(external link)

Q) Can I have a Pre-Paid electricity meter installed for my unit?
A) No. Currently pre-paid meters are not supported. See Pre-Paid Electricity Meters for more information.

About owner issues

Q) What is my account/section/door/garage number?
A) With so many numbers referring to the same property there is often confusion. The Section lookup may be able to assist.

Q) Are pets allowed at Claptons?
A) See the page about Pets for detailed information.

Q) Where can I get a replacement remote control?
A) Remotes are available from the caretaker (Pieter, Door 36) at R120 per remote. These remotes are pre-programmed for Claptons gates. Please note that no cash will be accepted on the premises; your levy account will be debited with the cost of the remote.

Q) How do I get back into Claptons if there is a power failure while I am on the beach?
Option 1) The pedestrian gate towards to sea is fitted with a manual key override. Keys are available from thee caretaker (Pieter, Door 36) at R20.00 per key. Your levy account will be debited with the cost.
Option 2) Walk around to the main gate, it has battery backup and can be opened with your remote.

Q) May I install a satellite dish?
A) Yes, with consent from the trustees, see the page on Antennas and satellite dishes for full details.

Q) May I remove a satellite dish?
A) Yes, with consent from the trustees, see the page on Antennas and satellite dishes for full details.

Q) May I install an awning?
A) See the Awnings page.

Q) May I tile the interior of my outside shower?
A) Yes, showers are registered as part of the individual sections. No additional permission is require in order to tile or otherwise modify the inside of the showers, provided that the modifications are not visible from the outside.

About general topics

Q) Are there sharks in the marina canals?
A) Yes, see the Marina Martinique page.

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