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Owners do not require written permission to install burglar bars or security gates, provided that the designs below are adhered to. Should an owner wish to install something with a different design they should submit a written (mail/email/fax) request for approval to the Managing Agents.

Burglar bars and security gates

House rules

6. Damage, alterations or additions on the common property.

An owner of occupier of a section shall
6.1 Not mark, paint, drive nails or screws or the like into, or otherwise damage, or alter any exterior part of his section(s), exclusive use areas or common property, without first obtaining the written consent of the Trustees.

6.4 Not withstanding sub-clause (1), be authorised to install-
6.4.1 Any security light, locking device, safety gate, burglar bars, burglar alarm, or any other safety device for the protection of his section OR
6.4.2 Any screen or other device to prevent the entry of animals or insects
Provided that the Trustees have first approved in writing the nature and design of the device and the manner of installation.

Burglar bars

Approved design is horizontal bars fitted internally to the window. Colour must be white.

Security gates

Sliding doors.

Any Trellidor, Maxidor or simular fitted internally to the sliding door. Colour must be white.

Standard unit doors.

No design has as yet been approved. Trustees to action.

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