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Antennas and satellite dishes

House rules

6. Damage, alterations or additions on the common property.

An owner or occupier of a section shall:
6.2 Not erect or install external lights, an external television antenna, satellite dishes and cabling without first obtaining written consent of the Trustees. The Trustees may prescribe certain conditions when granting approval.


Erecting external antennas are not allowed.

Satellite dishes

Owners wanting to install a satellite dish must submit a written (mail/email/fax) request to the Managing Agents. The Trustees will then investigate and evaluate the request before approval is granted.

Once an owner installs a satellite dish it is the responsibility of the owner to maintain the dish, bracket, cabling and all other parts of the system.

Before a dish may be removed the owner must submit a written (mail/email/fax) request for approval to the Managing Agents and should inform the Managing Agents once the dish has been removed.

It is the owners responsibility to ensure that the common property is restored to a good and proper state after the dish is removed. Should the common property be left in a damaged state, the Body Corporate may effect any repairs required at the owners cost.

Damage left to common property after a dish was removed without consent from the Trustees. The Body Corporate effected repairs and billed the owner in question.

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