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This is the internet home for the Body Corporate of Claptons Beach. It is intended to serve as an information board and a contact point between owners and Body Corporate Trustees, to make the management of the Body Corporate more transparent and to solicit and improve owner participation.

Some information on this site, such as financial statements, site map, inventory list and other sensitive information, is only available to owners with registered access. Owners may complete the Website Account Application form or send an email to in order to apply for an account and gain full access.

Rental Agencies managing booking on behalf of any owners may send an email to to request a website account. Once access has been approved the Rental Agent will be able to use a form on this website to register visitors and grant them gate access.

Estate Agents marketing property within Claptons can request access to the complex by sending an email to

About Claptons Beach

Claptons Beach is a sectional title complex located within the Marina Martinique in Aston Bay, Kouga Local Municipality, Eastern Cape, South Africa and is registered as SS 86/97 under the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986.

The development consists of 44 two and three bedroom units ranging in size from 54 to 71 square meters as well as 19 garages. Development was completed in the late 1990s by Murray & Roberts.

Member of the Claptons Beach Body Corporate are also by default members of the Marina Martinique Home Owners Association (MMHOA) and as such have the rights and obligations associated with any member of the MMHOA.

Municipal services are provided to Claptons by the MMHOA and not directly by the Kouga Municipality.

The Annual General Meeting of the Claptons Beach Body Corporate is held every year in December. At this meeting the Trustees are elected, the budget approved and various other matters of importance dealt with.


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